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急速赛车彩票官网:The scale of bank ETFs is increasing rapidly. Institutions are optimistic about the allocation value of bank stocks.

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内容摘要: after a long-term adjustment,banking sectorrecent collective rise in the past five days rose to number one in SW level in the industry, and...

after a long-term adjustment, banking sector recent collective rise in the past five days rose to number one in SW level in the industry, and favored by the funds north. In fact, this year, the funds will continue to flow into the banking sector, on the market since the two banks ETF year, a total increase of 404 million copies share.

Fund pointed out that the valuation of banking sector has hit its lowest level since 2000, while the banking sector there is a margin of safety performance, like the banks investment opportunities.

Bank ETF share growth

This year, the banking sector opened higher and lower, after the initial pull-up market continued to pull back. Yingmi Wealth Fund Analyst Chen Sixian believes that the weakening of banking stocks this year is affected by many factors, including de-leveraging and tightening of credit lines. However, the recent rise in bank stocks has become a bright spot in A-shares. Although it was slightly adjusted yesterday, the Shenwan Bank Index has risen 3.86% in the past five trading days, ranking first in the Shenwan-level industry.

In fact, funds have continued to flow into the banking sector this year, and the bank ETF share has gradually increased. Statistics show that there are currently two bank ETF funds in the market. As of July 10, Huabao CSI's ETF share reached 525 million, and this year's share increased by 359 million, with a share growth of 216.76%; another tracking The Bank of China's Southern China Securities Bank ETF fund share also reached 113 million, this year's share increased by 45 million, the share growth rate of 65.74%. The total share of the two banks' ETFs increased by 404 million, with a share growth of 172.65%.

The data shows that the recent foreign investment accelerated northward, from the exchange announced by the Shanghai Stock Exchange capital flow to see, since the 7 trading days since July, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stocks total net inflow funds reached 9.825 billion yuan. Banks are one of the most favored industries in terms of the industries in which net-buying companies belong. As of July 9, in July, a total of 29 listed Shanghai and Shenzhen stocks listed in the top ten active stocks list, of which 19 stocks achieved net purchases, mainly concentrated in food and beverage , home appliances, banking and other sectors, including China Ping An , Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Merchants Bank , , construction Bank and other targets.

agencies optimistic about the market outlook

GF Securities, said the average book value perspective, the banking sector has hit its lowest level since 2000. The data shows that the CSI index fell 30% from the high point of 7692.88 in early February to the lowest point of 5382.64 on July 3. The banking sector was adjusted more fully.

Changxin Fund believes that after a period of callback, the four major banks are at a net level at this stage, the valuation advantage is outstanding, and the four major banks have less off-balance-sheet business and the risks are relatively controllable. From the perspective of comprehensive fundamentals, valuation and funding, under the premise of no systemic financial risks, there is limited room for further correction of bank stocks, which is more optimistic in the medium and long term.

Chen Sixian also said that after the A-share is officially included in MSCI, the banking sector with greater weight in the MSCI China Index is the primary choice for configuration. There is also a margin of safety in the performance of the banking sector. Although the macroeconomic demand indicators have declined, economic growth still shows resilience and corporate earnings growth is stable. At the same time, the credit policy has experienced a marginal easing, and the bank's asset quality has remained stable overall, optimistic about the long-term upward revision of the banking sector valuation.





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